Fitness Mechanics is devoted to helping everyone achieve their fitness visions. Whether it is offering gym orientations and consulting for corporate gym owners, corporate training programs for corporate employees who are interested in a specialized program, or personal, customized training programs for you at home, Fitness Mechanics can help!

Fitness Mechanics is aware that a large percentage of people enjoy training in the comfort of their own homes. We can help you feel younger, live longer, strengthen your self-esteem and confidence, and improve your physique. We will design an online training program that specifically fits your goals, without the hassle of going to a gym.

Fitness Mechanics offers a full line of fitness related services, including:

  • Weight loss and mass gaining programs
  • Power and strength programs
  • Functional strength and injury prevention programs
  • Advanced athletic programs for all sports and levels
  • Lifestyle programs for all ages
  • Personalized nutrition plans
  • 24/7 access to a trainer via internet and e-mail
  • Corporate orientations and training programs
  • Corporate rates and sign up

Gym Orientations and Consulting

The purpose of our orientations is to educate and guide those who use fitness facilities. It is important that all employees are aware of all safety concerns and have knowledge on proper ergonomics and equipment use. Our team will go through each piece of equipment and demonstrate how an exercise is to be done, along with ways to make it more or less challenging.  We also give advice and tips to those who want guidance with their own individual fitness goals, whether they want to lose weight or better understand nutrition or any of our offered services.

Online Training Programs

Having an online trainer is inexpensive and allows for flexibility. Our online trainers’ ultimate goal is to help you improve your quality of life and change your mentality. It’s about inspiring our clients to change their mindset, their inner self, their physical self, and help them achieve their full potential in life. Our online trainers utilize high-intensity low-volume training in a way never before seen. We incorporate a high-intensity training style with easy-to-follow, solid nutrition programs, geared towards meeting your specific fitness needs. We will motivate you to make positive choices so you will achieve your desired results quickly.

Corporate Training Programs

The corporate world has come to understand that a healthy employee is a productive employee. Physical health and fitness are, first and foremost, controlled by the person and how they take care of themselves. The more accessible a fit and healthy lifestyle is, the higher the probability of the person taking advantage of it. Fitness Mechanics offers competitive corporate sign-up packages for institutions, departments, associations, and both large and small businesses.  In today's fast-paced business world, health promotion is no longer just a congenial thing to do for your employees; it is now a corporate obligation that cannot be neglected. For additional information on this subject please contact us!


QWhy should I consider orientations in my corporate gym?
Orientations in corporate gyms are important to educate the employees on how to use the gym safely, teach them the best ways to see results and to encourage a happy, healthy lifestyle for everyone in the corporation.
QWhat will a corporate orientation cost?
There are many variables we have to take into consideration, please call to inquire for detailed pricing.
QHow long before I see results?
Results will be seen in 30-60 days provided you follow your program properly.
QHow do I know what each exercise is and how to do it properly?
There is a link available in your profile to a page which has descriptions, pictures and videos of all the exercises you will be using, and how they should be performed properly.
QHow long will it take me to get my first program?
You will receive your first program within 3-5 business days of your signing up. Your membership will not start until you receive your fist program.
QHow many days per week, will I be required to exercise?
This is dependent on your goals and experience level, it can be anywhere from 2-4 times per week.
QHow long will I be required to exercise at a time?
Exercise duration will again depend upon goals and experience level, however anywhere from 20 min to an hour and 15 min is ample for all.
QAre one-on-one sessions available with a trainer, in person?
Yes, if you are between the areas of Edmonton and Calgary, sessions may be able to be arranged. Contact us for further information.